Virtual Visit- I’m a virtual dentist

Virtual Dentist

Speak with Dr. Bollwinkel within the comfort of your home, office or wherever a dental emergency might occur. Tele-dentistry is emerging as a care option that allows you to stay connected during COVID-19. All you need is a mobile device or computer to either video chat or still shot images for emergency care, cosmetic consult or second opinions. Our doctor can prescribe the correct protocol. Dr. Bollwinkel can video chat and consult to patients from anywhere in the Phoenix area, statewide or nationally.  You and your family can utilize this simple and fast tool. 


  • Camera IconUpload a close-up smile selfie. This is also an opportunity to share any concerns or desires you have regarding your smile.
  • Video IconOur dentist will send you a customized video addressing your questions and concerns. This video will also contain your unique, personalized recommendations.
  • Calendar Icon      Once you’ve reviewed your recommendations, you can schedule an in-person visit with our dentist.