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Guided Dental Implants

Guided Dental Implants

Missing teeth can not only dull your confidence but can put a real strain on the way you eat, chew and speak. Dr. Harris trains dentist from all over the nation on the technique of computer guided dental implants and the benefits of placing and restoring the implant for a more functional and esthetic outcome. At Arizona Smile Center we can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or All on Four Hybrid bridge (Denture secured). Let us fill the gap in your smile.

With advanced technology and our highly skilled team, we deliver successful dental implant treatment. To see how we can replace your teeth with dental implants, eliminating the need for traditional dentures and bridges.

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Dental implants are the only dental restoration option that preserves and stimulates natural bone, actually helping to stimulate bone growth and prevent bone loss. Teeth restored with dental implants can’t get cavities! A replacement tooth, or crown, doesn’t decay like a natural tooth, but you still must brush, floss and care for it and your surrounding natural teeth and gums in the same manner as natural teeth. Regular professional cleanings and dental check-ups also are essential. 

What is guided implant surgery

Guided implant surgery uses CT data to examine and pre-plan the surgery, and since precision execution can be done, guided implant surgery provides the following benefits.

  • Accurate, safe, and predictable surgery.
  • Shorter operation time.
  • Shorter healing time with flapless surgery
  • Smaller incisions with less bleeding and pain.
  • Immediate loading can be done.
  • Bone graft can be minimized.

Cone-beam CT

Cone-beam CT is a specialized x-ray equipment that scans the patient in three-dimension. By using Cone-beam CT along with proper software, a precise and accurate examination of the patient, with realistic visuals, can be achieved.

What are the benefits of computer-guided surgery?

*Guided Surgery makes implant surgery safer, more predictable, and gives a better esthetic   result.

*Surgery can be precise, safe, and predictable.

*Surgery time is shorter.

*Generally carried out as a flapless surgery and shorter recovery time for the patient.

*Less invasion, blood, and pain for the patient.

*Immediate loading is possible.

*Bone grafts can be minimized.

A full smile inspires confidence and ensures normal bite function, allowing you to enjoy daily life.  When you have one or more missing teeth, it may be difficult or impossible to eat or smile as you typically would.

Dental implants are the best option when needing to replace a missing tooth. In order to have a natural looking implant crown it is imperative to have the implant placed in precisely the right location. In our office, we use the Galileos Cone Beam CT scanner to obtain a 3-D image of the patient’s jaw. Special implant software is then used to plan exactly where the implant should be placed safely and with the ideal location with the final tooth in mind. Once the implant is planned on the software a precise surgical guide is manufactured. This guide allows us to place the implant within 0.5 mm of where the implant was planned.


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Stuffy offices, callous interactions, dental anxiety and unpleasant procedures can prevent you from getting the dental care you need. At Arizona Smile Center, we’re determined to change all this! In our crisp modern office, you’ll be offered state-of-the-art solutions served with small-town hospitality. Our team is so friendly and skilled, you’ll consider them family as they compassionately care for your dental needs.

Our patients’ health and safety are our top priorities. As leaders in the community, we are raising the standard of care again by using the Solea laser and HEPA air purification systems in addition to our rigorous PPE protocol. Our Solea lasers allow for Shot-Free / Drill Free procedures and reduces dental splatter and aerosols by up to 99.9% compared to traditional handpieces. In addition to the laser we offer oral and other sedations to reduce dental fears. 

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