Laser Dentistry


We all want to have healthy teeth. But the thought of needles and drills makes the idea of visiting the dentist less appealing. With the advent of dental lasers, patients now receive a better dental experience, with fewer visits and without the discomforts of traditional dentistry.

The benefits for patients include:

  • Less discomfort during and after a dental procedure
  • Preservation of natural, healthy teeth
  • Fewer trips to the dentist
  • Added Protection against future decay
  • Reduction in treatment time

Laser dentistry can offer:

  • Needle and drill-free fillings
  • One-hour teeth whitening with better results than traditional systems
  • Effective treatments for sensitive teeth
  • Root canal and gum disease treatments
  • Laser treatments for many other dental procedures

How does it work?

Different lasers are used for different dental applications and the exact laser is chosen according to the way in which the particular laser interacts with the tissue in the mouth.

When the laser is applied to the target area, the laser energy is absorbed. Depending on the treatment, the effect may be to sterilise the area, or to remove decay, or even to make the teeth less sensitive. When used on soft tissue, lasers promote faster healing.



Are lasers safe?

Yes! Lasers have been widely used in dentistry and other medical fields for many years, and are considered completely safe when used properly. They are fully approved by the government for use in dentistry. Your dentist is an accredited laser user and is specifically trained in laser safety and laser dentistry. Your dentist can answer any questions you have about laser safety.

What will it feel like while being treated with the laser?

Most patients feel nothing during laser treatments. Some patients report a slight sensation, but this varies from patient to patient. Your dentist will ensure that you remain comfortable throughout the laser treatment.

Will I need needles for laser treatments?

In most cases, needles are not required during laser treatments. In some instances a needle will be necessary, but this depends on the type of procedure being performed, the type of laser used, and the individual patient.

Who is suitable for laser dentistry?

Almost all dental patients can receive the benefits of laser dentistry. It is especially ideal for children.

Your dentist can tell you which laser treatments can benefit you.

How will my visit to the dentist be different with lasers?

Apart from the main benefits of laser dentistry – less time in the chair, fewer visits, fewer needles, less discomfort – your visit will be much the same as before.

Depending on the type of laser being used, there will be a quiet beep or ticking sound when the laser is operating. You might feel a water spray or air spray – much the same as a normal visit.

There will be some additional safety precautions taken during your visit. Both you and your dentist will wear protective eye wear during laser treatments.

Veneers are durable and have been shown to last for many years before requiring replacement.

Veneers are highly polishable, the risk of staining them with food or drink after the procedure is unlikely. However, brushing after drinking red wine, coffee, tea or soda is advisable.

To reduce the risk of damage, do not bite or chew on hard objects such as nut shells or bones.

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